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since 2016 at your service

Since 2016, the Luchetti Law Firm has been offering highly qualified legal assistance, both in and out of court, in the fields of civil, commercial, corporate, banking and bankruptcy law, through a dynamic structure that is always able to meet the specific needs of its clients, mainly consisting of companies, entities and Embassies.

The firm also operates in international contexts, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the various legal systems of reference and the language skills of the firm's members, who are able to speak English, French and Arabic.


The Firm boasts an extensive network of correspondents, both in Italy and abroad, which has grown and consolidated over the course of professional collaborations dating back over time. The firm's correspondents act as mere domiciliaries and executors of the instructions given by the firm, which remains the sole and exclusive reference for all types of legal action. This makes it possible to reduce costs for the client and eliminate any inefficiency.


The performance of professional activities and relations with clients are always characterized by respect for the principles of legality, fairness, honesty and transparency in line with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our vision

In a world of constant change and mutation, the needs of both companies and individuals and the relationship between them has reached a high level of rapidity.

Aware of this need, the Luchetti Law Firm has organized a team of experts in various subjects in order to provide its clients with answers, services and assistance at an increasingly high level of quality and speed, in line with its clients' expectations. 


Luca Luchetti lawyer


Luca Luchetti founded the firm after gaining a decade of experience in leading and recognized law firms.


After graduating in Law from LUISS Guido Carli University in Rome with a mark of 110 with honours, Luca Luchetti obtained a PhD in Comparative Private Law and European Union Private Law.


He is mainly specialized in civil, commercial, corporate and bankruptcy law, with a focus on drafting legal opinions, by-laws and shareholders' and board resolutions, contracts, deeds and defence writings. He has advised on leading M&A transactions also for supervised entities. Furthermore, he also assists in major liability action litigations, as well as in national and international arbitration proceedings and proceedings before independent authorities.

Mr. Luchetti is qualified to practise before the Supreme Court of Cassation and other Superior Jurisdictions.

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The team

Our values


From the very first contact with us, the client is made fully aware of all the critical issues concerning the submitted case and is immediately involved in the choice of strategies to be adopted, also from a strictly technical and procedural point of view.

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